Product Line / Open Top Drum / 200 Litre Open Drum

This plastic 200 Litre Open - Top Drum is visually attractive. It is easy for cleaning, and therefore it improves environmental performance, more economical in use, and better protection to meet increasing market demands.

Technical Specifications

Product Name 200 Litre Open Top Drum
Product Code OP - 200 - 75
Product Weight 7.5 KGS
Tolerance +/-3
Minimum Wall Thickness 2.8 mm.

Height 948 mm. +/-10 mm.
Diameter 580 mm. +/-10 mm.

Clampling Ring Galvanized Metal Steel Weight 825gm.
Lid Cap Black Colour Weight 1200gm.

Brimful 216 Litre
Normal 214 Litre


Raw Material
High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene (HM-HDPE)
Density = 0.940 - 0.960 g/cm3
Melt Flow Index (190oc, Load 21.6 Kgs) = 1.5 - 5 g/10 min.

Un. Number Registered
Test Results
Un Standard Pdi Testing
Leak Test n/a Water Leak Test 30 min in Horizontal Position
Drop Test 1.2 Meter (-18o c) 1.5 Meter, Ambient Temp
Stacking Test Loading 550 Kgs, 1 day Loading 820 Kgs 28 Days