Packaging Guidelines / Stacking
  • Do not stack drums until temperature has reached ambient temperature, especially if closures have not been torque to the required value.
  • Do not stack more than two (2) high when specific gravity of lading is 1.2 or greater.
  • Do not stack more than two (2) high when the ambient temperature is expected to be higher than 40?C for prolonged period of time.
  • Do not store filled drums in direct sunlight, especially black or other dark-colored drums.
  • If column stacking (one drum directly on top of another), closures should be protected by placing a 24-in. by 24-in. piece of -in. plywood on top of the bottom drum.
  • Column stacking should be limited to two (2) high.
  • Pyramid stacking is not recommended for drums containing stress cracking agents. If it is necessary, support should be used between the rows to prevent the deformation of the bottom of the top drum, and the ring of the lower drum.
  • Fill drums to rated capacity for optimal stacking performance.
  • When stacking drums without pallets, make sure the surface to be used is level and free from any objects, such as rocks, sticks, pipes, etc.